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1 Dodjelom nagrada zatvoren 6. Pula Boat Fair u Marini Veruda pulaboat 5384
2 Poslovni susreti obilježili drugi dan Faira pulaboat 7612
3 U srijedu svečano otvaranje 6. Pula Boat Faira pulaboat 8085
4 Record numbers at PBF Gold Fish 2015 pulaboat 9450
5 Rezultati natječaja ''Riblje oko PBF 2015'' pulaboat 9292
6 Objavljen foto natječaj ''Riblje oko PBF 2015'' pulaboat 11103
7 Application for 6th Pula Boat Fair is now open pulaboat 9197
8 Foto natječaj ''Riblje oko PBF 2014'' pulaboat 14137
9 Partners of the 5th PBF pulaboat 4557
10 Partners of the 6th Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 4374
11 Business2business PBF 2014 package pulaboat 13746
12 5. PULA BOAT FAIR pulaboat 12843
13 Električni tricil obitelji Gržinić iz Vodnjana pulaboat 9296
14 Business2business PBF 2014 pulaboat 8116
15 Dobitnici foto natječaja ''Riblje oko PBF 2013'' pulaboat 18968
16 Svečano zatvaranje 4. Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 17091
17 Third day of the PBF2014 pulaboat 20325
18 Drugi dan Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 19116
19 Prijavljen rekordan broj izlagača i plovila pulaboat 9498
20 Svečano otvoren 4. Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 11108
21 Foto natječaj ''Riblje oko PBF 2013'' pulaboat 13938
22 Foto natječaj ''Riblje oko PBF 2014'' pulaboat 18956
23 4th PBF presents pulaboat 20889
24 Exhibitors list PBF 2015 pulaboat 16927
25 Popis izlagača PBF 2014 pulaboat 7295
26 Partners of the 4th PBF pulaboat 7276
27 Za B2B program prijavljeno rekordnih 169 tvrtki pulaboat 19481
28 Program Pula Boat Fair-a 2012. pulaboat 15582
29 Svečano otvoren 3. Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 17055
30 Odlične najave atraktivnog 3. Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 9536
31 Drugi i treći dan PBF-a pulaboat 17270
32 Svečano zatvaranje 3. Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 15437
33 Ex Tempore ''Riblje oko PBF 2012'' počinje 29.09.2012. u Marini Veruda pulaboat 6293
34 Ex Tempore ''Riblje oko PBF 2012'' pulaboat 10646
35 Exhibitor's list PBF 2012 pulaboat 25122
36 3rd Pula Boat Fair partners pulaboat 7193
37 Business to business event pulaboat 9990
38 3rd Pula Boat Fair in the waters of Marina Veruda pulaboat 11317
39 Special offer for exhibitors pulaboat 6146
40 Photogallery ''Fish eye'' 2011 pulaboat 12084
41 Svečano zatvaranje 2. Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 12013
42 Business2Business već okupio preko 100 tvrtki iz 5 zemalja pulaboat 10297
43 Delegacija HGK u Turskoj dogovorila suradnju u sklopu PBF-a pulaboat 7224
44 Svečano otvoren PBF pulaboat 7065
45 Pobjednici fotonatječaja, dobitna ulaznica - 00048 pulaboat 6466
46 Lectures and presentations marked the 2nd & 3rd day pulaboat 18368
47 Klub PBF-a i video animacija PBF ribice pulaboat 7142
48 Program Pula Boat Fair-a 2011 pulaboat 4560
49 Odlične najave 2. Pula Boat Fair-a pulaboat 9817
50 U srijedu počinje drugi po redu PBF pulaboat 5649
51 30-ak prijavljenih autora za ''Riblje oko'' PBF 2011 pulaboat 6556
52 PBF-u nagrada za najbolji poslovni plan pulaboat 10453
53 Photography contest ''Fisheye'' PBF 2011 pulaboat 5907
54 Take Bussines 2 Bussines benefits pulaboat 7342
55 Predstavljeni partneri i pokrovitelji 2. PBF-a pulaboat 10588
56 French companies and innovators at PBF pulaboat 8419
57 PBF visited METS and LBS pulaboat 6407
58 Uspješno završen 1. Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 5121
59 PBF Klub, More u oku, Zvuci Istre... pulaboat 4330
60 PBF - all that you need for your boat pulaboat 5398
61 Applications for the 2nd Pula Boat Fair started pulaboat 8575
62 Suzuki - official vehicle of the PBF pulaboat 4306
63 Pula Boat Fair ended successfully pulaboat 5598
64 Opening ceremony of the PBF pulaboat 5226
65 Business cooperation as a result of the 1st PBF pulaboat 6379
66 PBF news in ''Otvoreno more'' magazine pulaboat 4520
67 PBF in Wassersport magazine pulaboat 4807
68 Izvješće sa posljednje press konferencije - Glas Istre pulaboat 4995
69 Izvješće sa posljednje press konferencije - NIT pulaboat 5165
70 Izvješće sa posljednje press konferencije - iPress pulaboat 5198
71 PBF lecture program announced pulaboat 5178
72 PBF has another partner pulaboat 4725
73 SCOR W’s Match Race Team i Petra Kliba na dva Europska prvenstva u svibnju pulaboat 29834
74 PBF presented to the public pulaboat 5123
75 PBF agreed with the main sponsors and patrons pulaboat 5200
76 NIT report from PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 5602
77 Balkans.com report from PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 5107
78 HRT report from the PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 5398
79 Barkun.hr report from PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 7031
80 iPress report from PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 5756
81 Glas Istre report from the PBF announcement press conference pulaboat 5733
82 iPress about PBF pulaboat 6268
83 Exhibitor list pulaboat 45380
84 Exhibitor list PBF 2011 pulaboat 13587
85 Partners of the Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 9907
86 The organizers of PBF visit METS Trade pulaboat 32985
87 PBF in the Yachtbuilder International pulaboat 5415
88 The founding of the Professional Assosiation of Manufacturers pulaboat 32725
89 PBF at the London Boat Show pulaboat 33005
90 Few words about the Organizers pulaboat 32958
91 Fair Programme pulaboat 9604
92 PBF shares a free tickets pulaboat 5386
93 Pula Boat Fair pulaboat 4847

Friday at PBF marked for experts

Polytechnics Pula presented its program, students and professorsThe third day of the 6th International Fair of marine equipment and ships Pula Boat Fair, which is organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy County Chamber of Pula and Motortech Consulting held in Tehnomont Marina Veruda, was marked by lectures. The organizers, with the help of Polytechnics Pula High technical and business schools, have presented this educational institution, its programs, professors and students. Dean of the Polytechnic, M.Sc. Davor Miskovic also pointed out the need that Pula Polytechnics, now with the new facilities and equipped laboratories at Riva 6 in Pula, aggressively puts out in public, as is the region's only educational institution of this type. After a brief presentation of the educational program that is offered to them, Miskovic announced new directions, some of which are closest to the realization of the study of computer science and study of protection for firefighters. Then the former students of polytechnics were presented to the interested public, now as a successful young business people working in manufacturing plants factories such as Uljanik in Pula. All shared their experiences during training, practice and then finally told of how the acquired knowledge applied to their workplaces. Professor at the Polytechnic and professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Bozo Smoljan testified that many young people after studying at the Polytechnic in Pula continue their education while working just on this institution. There were then two lectures. First one about "Boat-electric propulsion," by Ph.D. Branimir Ružojčić, a professor at the Polytechnic and the owner of "Tema Ltd", while M.Sc. Radovan Jokic spoke about "Energy source on board."Tomorrow, the last and fourth day of this year's Pula Boat fair, traditionally will be held the international sailing regatta in the class optimist and laser and fair close awarding prizes for the best product, best images in the photo contest "Fisheye PBF, and luckiest visitor which will win the electric bike.

Applications for 7th PBF are open

Application for the upcoming 7th Pula Boat Fair, which will be held on October 12th - 14nd 2016. in Tehnomont Marina Veruda, are now open. We invite you to proceed with the application soon, and gain advantages like discounts and first pick on a ground plan. Invitation to the business meetingsCroatian Chamber of Commerce and Croatian Enterprise Europe Network are pleased to invite you to participate in business meetings that are to be held on October 13th, 2016 as part of the Pula Boat Fair in Marina Veruda Pula.Business meetings are a unique opportunity to connect companies from different countries operating in the same sector, in order to present and discover new products and services, exploring new business opportunities, to find new potential customers, suppliers and partners for joint venture or innovation projects. The event is aimed at companies operating in the nautical sector, whether they are manufacturers or service providers and the main sectors of interest are shipbuilding, ship equipment, metal processing, renewable energy, engineering and design, plastics, services and others, related to the construction and equipment of vessels. The cost of the participation in the business meetings covers the Enterprise Europe Network and therefore the participation is free of charge.For any questions, please contact the contact persons in the CCE (HGK):Denis Hrelja, CCE ŽK Pula dhrelja@hgk.hr, tel: +385 52 378 115Jelena Ravlić, CCE Europska poduzetnička mreža, jravlic@hgk.hr, tel: +385 1 4606 824 7th Pula Boat Fair application form Prijava na Poslovne susrete

Record number on Gold Fish 2015

By awarding the best exhibitors and authors, a three-day 7th International Fair of manufacturers and distributors of marine equipment and ships Pula Boat Fair was closed. This year it brought together more than a hundred domestic and foreign exhibitors, manufacturers and businessmen. It was an opportunity to take, over three days in one place, to meet manufacturers who mutually exchange experiences, contacts and arrange a potential business cooperation with the aim to present and discover new products and services and explore new business opportunities.In the name of the executive organizers Livio Bolković expressed his satisfaction with this year's fair offer and attendance. Bolković said that this is definitely the most serious fair so far as evidenced by the many positive reactions of exhibitors and the audience, adding that next year is expected an additional step forward in terms of quality and supply.This year's fair marked by 160 years of Shipyard Uljanik, the official partner of the Fair so on final day the presentations were taken in front of the exhibitors. It was followed by the awarding ceremony of professional awards and large plaques to the most successful exhibitor product that was first exposed to the PBF in 2016. Then followed the awards ceremony for the authors of the most successful photo contest "Fish eye 2016."Thus, professional awards and a large plaque for the most successful exhibitors premiere of the products assigned to companies Tema Ltd. and Motortech Consulting Ltd. for a joint project - hybrid marine propulsion. The awards took Branimir Ružojčić, CEO of Tema Ltd. and Alen Komparić, President of the Assembly in Motortech Consulting Ltd. As for the photo contest Fisheye 2016, the jury in the composition of Eros Čakić and Dubravko Kujavec the Golden fisheye awarded Edna Jurcan for photo "Dance of the sea" because of the thematic originality and photographic skills.Special diploma Fisheye went to Igor Popovic for the photo "Sea of ​​passing time", and other special diplomas Fisheye to Katarina Guina for a series of photographs. Fish eye for the most popular photo after visitors selection went to Valter Zanko. After the ceremony, Mojca Tavcar Bencic in the name of sponsor companies Uljanik Tesu Elektronika drew the lucky winners valuable prizes, namely the electric bicycle. The winner of the bicycle is lucky visitor with a ticket number 00719 and hereby we invite you to call us so this valuable prize could be awarded.

Photo contest Fish eye PBF2016

  OrganizerPULA BOAT FAIR (PBF) at the 7th International Fair of marine equipment and boats that will take place in the Marina Veruda in Pula October 12 to 14 this year, announced a traditional contest of digital photography fisheye PBF 2016. The goal of this event within the framework of the fair activities sensitizes visitors to the beauty of dealing with the sea through the artistic medium of photography.Topic: With the sea and the sea.CompetitorsHis work can compete authors who submit or submit work (CD / DVD, E-mail) with the duly completed form to 3 October 2016 at the address: PBF, Stiglicheva 24, 52100 Pula, or by e-mail at: ribljeokoPBF @ gmail .comSubmission of papers- The authors of the contest may submit a maximum of three works- Photos must be taken within the last two years, ie. Not before 1 January 2015.- Photos must be in JPG / JPGE format- In the case of sending photos by e-mail, the longer side of the image should be of approximately 2,500 pixels.- The entries are stored in the archives of the organizer of the FairThe selection of works and exhibitionThe Selection organizer appoints a competent person, and selected works will be exhibited in the fair area during the Fair, October 12 to 14 this year.The JuryThe organizer shall appoint the members of the Jury.Prizes -gold Fisheye PBF 2016 - awarded the jury of the contest with a cash prize in the amount of HRK 2,000.00- Fish-eye for the most popular photo - optionally Fair visitors on the basis of ballots that are part of the ticket visitors with a cash prize in the amount of HRK 1,500.00. Special diploma - twoResults of photo contest will be announced on the last day of the fair on its official closing of 14 October 2016 in 17 hours.Special provisionsBy accepting this ordinance participants competition agree that their exhibited works are archived in the photographic holdings of the PBF and that is rewarded motives free of charge used in the official publications of the organizers of the fair.For their eventual commercial use PBF is obliged to agree with the author remuneration.Registration Fisheye 2016 Contest rules Fisheye 2016 - PDF Organizatori PBF-a